Tuesday, October 03, 2006

An Otterbox of Swimmers

Apple keeps trying to trademark the term "pod", but they forget about the collective noun for animals, such as whales. Maybe the colective noun for swimmers is going to become an "OtterBox" of swimmers. I ordered the Otterbox for iPod Shuffle combo from iPodWorld and it arrived by post today. Many thanks to the folks at iPodWorld for getting all the goods through customs.
The combo consists of the OtterBox and an H2O Audio Headphone set. The photos above are yours truly trying everything on and trying to figure out how to get it all to fit.
Update: I have just returned from a most enjoyable swim. The OtterBox is not light: all the goodies including the iPod Shuffle weigh around 120g. By comparison, the plain Shuffle and (dry) earphones weigh around 50g. So it's more than double the weight. You don't notice it when you're in the water, because the Shuffle isn't around your neck. But I put the Shuffle in the OtterBox before leaving for the gym, to make sure the Shuffle was completely dry. Still, it's not that heavy, just different.
It takes a while to figure out how to get the earplugs to stay in your ears. Putting an elastic swimming cap on over the headset seems to help a bit too. When you're in the water it feels a bit weird, like having a personal angel on your neck or shoulder talking to you in the water. I'm going to need to choose the books I listen to carefully; I lost count of the number of lengths I was swimming. On the other hand, the audio book was interesting enough that I felt I could just keep on swimming for ages because I wasn't getting bored.
The photos show the headset plugging in to the top of the OtterBox, but I think it probably works better at the bottom. I'll try it at the top on my next swim. I also haven't experimented with the supplied armband yet.

Update: It's best to plug in the headset when the plug is at the top, because putting it at the bottom makes the cable go too close to your neck. So use it as illustrated.
My current iPod is serial number 5C5176FJRS9, and I have bought a spare one, serial number 4H625F3WRSA as a replacement when the batteries or flash memory fails in the first one.

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