Thursday, October 05, 2006

US Military reaches new levels of stupidity

"Tommy Thompson, former Secretary of Health and Human Services joined the board of VeriChip Corporation after leaving his Bush administration cabinet post. Shortly thereafter, he went on national television recommending that all Americans get chipped as a way to link to their medical records. He also suggested the VeriChip could replace military dog tags, and a spokesman boasted that the company had been in talks with the Pentagon."
This guy has to be the dumbest man on the planet if he wasn't so obviously greedy. Imagine a troop of Marines walking through an urban alleyway somewhere in Iraq. They're the only humans in the entire area with VeriChips inserted under their skin. You can use a simple scanning device to pick up the existence of these chips, similar to the security detectors in shops.
They walk past a wooden door and there is a loud explosion. No more Marines. Other people had been walking past the same door all day, but since they didn't have VeriChips on them, or RFID tags in their American passports, they didn't trigger the bomb.
I think this is a brilliant idea. It maximizes American casualties and reduces collateral damagae to Iraqi civilians. All courtesy of the Bush administration.

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