Friday, October 06, 2006

The Refund Dance begins

Last Thursday I collected my order number 76744 from Digital Planet. The one with 2 of 3 items being faulty. Last Friday morning I called their number and arranged to return the faulty ones when I collected order number 77568. No problem, they said on the phone. But life is never that simple.
When I arrived to collect the order today, no-one knew anything about the faulty items, or the replacement flash drive that I requested. Then they pointed out that the goods were being returned on day 8 and they have to be returned within 7 days. After explaining my story again they were very nice and said they would speak to the suppliers. They gave me a receipt for the Legend Flash Drive and the Antec Super Cyclone Blower (it sucks, it doesn't blow; when the fan turns at all).
Now I guess we just have to wait for the wheels of bureaucracy to grind on and hopefully get a refund in the next week or so. Thank goodness I paid by credit card.
Update 10th November 2006: The Legend Flash Drive has finally been replaced. The supplier didn't have stock. The "blower" was replaced on 17th October, so no refund was needed.

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