Monday, October 30, 2006

MTN's Marketing Incompetence

What is it about my cell phone service provider that makes them think that it's OK for them to make marketing calls to my phone and send me marketing SMS messages?
Haven't they ever heard of the ECT Act? I guess not. Today I got a marketing call from their call centre where they offered me a free credit card. How sad. They must be desperate for money.
What they don't realise is that this kind of marketing tells the rest of the world that they don't care about their customers, and think of them purely as gullible fools who will swallow any lies they may make up in the guise of marketing hype. How sad. I have told them twice before not to contact me with marketing calls. The next time their incompetent lawyers will have to explain to the incompetent fools in their marketing department what the ECT Act is and why they are now going to have to pay me a lot of money. I can hardly wait.
After all, MTNSP is not a financial service provider, but a telephone service provider. They have as much expertise in running a credit card as my gym has. If my gym phoned me up and offered me a credit card, I would laugh at them. So why should MTNSP think they are any better? Even if their parent company has a deal with Standard Bank, that doesn't give them the right to abuse their position as my telephone service provider to contact me on behalf of a financial institution.

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Anonymous said...

MTN takes my money but is not able to give service.Promised upgrades are non existant.Call centres can not be reached,staff are ignorant,supervisors don't help and response to inquiries is zero.Directory inquiries gave this number for complaints 011 301 2885,wich does not exist!