Monday, September 30, 2013

iBurst USB Modem falls apart again

iBurst USB modem
I got my first nasty surprise from iBurst in 2010 when I saw they were sharing my files on the Internet. Before the 2 year contract was up, the modem had fallen apart. It turns out they only offer a one-year warranty on the modem, even though they spread the payments for the modem out over 2 years. I'm sure this is illegal.
I managed to buy a second-hand replacement USB modem for cash, and now that too has fallen to pieces. The USB plug works itslef loose, and the cables inside break and/or wear out. Its a really bad design. Almost as bad as the speed of the iBurst wireless service, which is abysmal. I cannot recommend their service to anyone, and have warned people against it in the past.
When I phoned to terminate the contract they offered me a new modem with a new 2 year contract. I declined. Fool me once ...