Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Fax to Email from M-Web is completely unreliable

M-Web has this nifty fax to email facility for its subscribers. If you send a fax to a specific 0866 number, it's supposed to arrive in my mailbox. That's the theory.
Today I went to the helpful folks at 3@1 in Cresta, to get them to fax some documents to my mailbox. I need them for my bond application. We sent 3 documents in 3 separate calls. The first 2 were 4 pages each. They came though fine. The third was 12 pages long. It was sent at 12:30. At the time of writing it stil hasn't arrived. That little exercise cost R88.
Because I need that 12 page document, I tried faxing it from the SA Clinics office. It hasn't arrived. So I sent the first 3 pages. They arrived at 3:14pm.
I called M-Web help line. Of course they don't think anything is wrong, and the one guy said that "it's a nice thing to have but if you're running a business you should rather buy a fax machine." Thanks for nothing, M-Web!
Maybe we should re-phrase their "Get connected. Just like that!" slogan to "We lose your faxes. Just like that!". There is one good thing about all of this: I have repeated and re-dialled the same number so many times I have almost memorised it.
Update: At 5:30 pm my inbox got 8 incoming messages. The first one was recieved at 12:38 from 3@1, delivered to my mailbox 5 hours late! The next one was received at 3:12pm, and arrived 2 hours late. The last one was an hour late. Whoever developed the "IS FAX system" ought to be ashamed of themselves. By comparison, the one developed by FoneWorx saves the file in PDF format, and the message landed up in the Mortgage Broker's inbox within minutes. That's the way it is supposed to work. The Telkom tarrif for 0866 and 0865 numbers is at R2.02 per minute.

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