Friday, October 06, 2006

Keep your cool while using your notebook

After my disaster with the "blower" that sucks, I bought the Antec Notebook Cooler. My laptop is now an extra 2cm above the ground, with the cooler underneath. It uses two cyclone fans to draw air from the underside of the laptop and extract it to the back and the right. The photo shows the top part. The two darker circles are where the fans extract the air and eject it out of the sides. Basicaly this turns the bottom of your notebook into a cooling area. I may need to modify it a bit to get it to keep Penny's ThinkPad R31 sufficiently cool, since its fan has stopped working reliably and the hard drive overheats when you run Spinrite.
The power is obtained from a USB connection, and they thoughtfully allow the USB connection to daisy-chain with another device, so Penny can still use her USB mouse and the cooler fan. The photo* abve shows the power cable plugging in to the USB connector on the left.
This photo* shows a close-up of one of the two fans.
This photo* shows the ThinkPad R31 on top of the Notebook Cooler. As you can see from the ruler on the right, the keyboard sits about 4-5cm above the desk.

* Click for a more detailed image.

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