Friday, October 27, 2006

DVD Santa: is it just a ripoff? The jury is still out

I downloaded and tried DVD Santa, to convert some MPG movies so I could watch them on the TV instead of my laptop screen. It's a good job this is a try-before-you-buy product, because it seems like the developers don't have a phone number, only a hotmail email address, which bounced.
I have sent them a qustion via Fax, but I doubt if I'll get a reply. In the meantime I'm trying various other DVD conversion software, recommended by ConvertMovie ($29.95) and VSO ConvertXtoDVD ($34.99).
The DVD Santa converted movies froze at one point, and at another point the sound went off. Not much good for a movie, really. I will post an update to this entry if I get a reply from them.

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