Friday, September 29, 2006

Thermaltake Mobile Fan is really cool

The Thermaltake Mobile Fan II is great. It's quiet, the controls work nicely and it gets the job done. It's the perfect solution for my ThinkPad G40 which is now an Ubuntu Linux server under my desk. The extra airflow will no doubt help keep the laptop cool, and help it last a little longer.
The mini tower case with the LG CD drive is the Isogo gateway/firewall that does the Isogo VPN miracle that connects me to the Men's Clinic network. That's the box I wanted to put the Antec blower in, to help with cooling. On top of it is my Planet ADSL modem and then the black box is the IBM ThinkPad G40 with the lid closed. That's what the fan is for: to keep the top two items cool. It is doing a great job.

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