Friday, September 15, 2006

Giant Jumping Castle

On the N1 through Bloemfontein there is the "Windmill Casino", with the largest jumping castle I have ever seen. My brother Andrew manufactures Jumping Castles, even the slide type shown here, but he is restricted to something that can be used in a garden or playground.
There is no trick photography here. The photo is taken from the main road with a Nokia cell phone camera (i.e. very basic), and the building and palm tree behind the castle are pretty close to the castle, in front of a 1.5m fence. Notice the adults standing in the foreground. This thing is massive: at least 3 or 4 stories high. When I first saw it I could hardly believe how tall it is.


Anonymous said...

Hi Donn

I recently did some changes on my website so the link to my website has changed to all lowercase.
Party Animals Jumping Castles don't make these Giant Slides since they are potentially dangerous. Last year an adult was seriously injured at a function at the Bryanston NCMI church. Also a unit like that rents for R5000 per day and costs about R175 000. These units are quite profitable but are the domain of the large companies involved in the large event market. We avoid that market where possible since at the moment we don't have the staff and infrastructure to do it well. We are very happy that we have recently found a supplier of much safer blowers for jumping castles. After you told me about the accident you heard about at the Italian club, I approached my suppliers for safer units. One of them rose to the challenge and came up with a new product that was safer and better.
Andrew said...

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360 Degree Pro said...

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