Friday, September 29, 2006

The Newletters from Hell continue unabated

Which part of the word "no" is it they don't understand? The newsletters just keep on coming. This time the reason was that I collected the goods instead of having them sent, and they were offering me some further specials as a thank you. The dumb thing is that one of the "specials" on offer is the Legend 1GB Flash Drive that I just bought, except the "special" price is higher than what I paid. See Napoleon's quote at the top of the page.
When I phoned Warren Moss on 082 468 3304 to tell him that his unsubscribe instruction had been ignored, he wasn't too happy about it. In fact he got quite shirty. Shame. And here I was thinking that everything had been sorted out. I bought a Legend 1GB Flash Drive, an Antec Super Cyclone Blower, and a Thermaltake Mobile Fan. Unfortunately 2 of the 3 items are faulty, and one is really cool.
Perhaps I should listen to Warren and start looking for another web site to buy from. I avoid Incredible Connection like the plague, because they are just so useless and unhelpful, and their prices are not great either. What gets me is that if Digital Planet actually listened to my complaint and fixed the issue it would make them a better company, as well as being compliant with Section 45 of the ECT Act.

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