Friday, September 22, 2006

ThinkPad G40 gets a new keyboard design

Getting your laptop "fixed" by the IBM Technical Repair Centre is a two-edged sword. In my experience for every one thing they fix, they break something else.
The first time I took my ThinkPad G40 Type 2388-53G Serial number KM-97986 in for repairs it was because the hard drive died after 8 days of usage. They replaced the drive, but installed the wrong version (Home Edition) of Windows XP.
When they installed the correct version (Professional Edition) they also added some spyware, and failed to test the motherboard or notice that the hard drive was running too hot. I guess they don't use Spinrite to test their hard drives. 18 months later the fan stopped working because of the motherboard fault. In the meantime the machine has been running too hot.
Now that the motherboard has been supposedly fixed (Call Ref 01S8DNT), the machine does seem to be cooling itself, but it still generates lots of heat in the process. However, the returned machine now sports only 1 rubber foot underneath, instead of the normal 4, and the snazzy new keyboard layout shown in the picture. I call it the Qwirky keyboard layout.
It's a good job I know where the right-arrow key is. Then there is the separate question of the 96 hour quotation time. In this case the repairs were completed in 12 working days, from 25th August to 13th September, but I was only able to collect it on 22nd September because of the conference.

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