Monday, September 25, 2006

WWWonderful Apache

The people who put together the Apache Web Server did a great job. Much better than Microsoft's IIS or Personal Web Server, which is just weird. Setting up Apache proved to be pretty easy, especially as my LAMP installation has done most of the work. The only mystery was to find where the files for the default web site should be stored.
Once again the Ubuntu Server Guide provided the clue: put them in the /var/www directory. That proved less simple than I thought, because I don't have the FTP server installed. So I added a Samba share and used the chmod command to change the directory rights. I have no idea how badly this would affect the security of a "real" web site, but this is just an internal test one, so I'm not really bothered. I guess I'll have to set up the FTP server at some point, only not now.
My next task is to set up MySQL and figure out how to install phpMyAdmin from the command line. This might be a bit more tricky. So far the documentation hasn't let me down, although I have a sneaking suspicion I'm not using vi properly. Ah, well, the joys of newbie ignorance.

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