Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Digital Planet and the Newsletter from Hell

I like Digital Planet. At least, I used to. Their prices are good, and I've bought a laser printer, a power supply, Skype headsets and other goodies, both as gifts and for personal use. I always check their prices before looking anywhere else. I'll probably buy my next laptop from them as well.
But I hate getting their newsletters. Each time I buy something they put me back on their mailing list. Then I go into the account preferences and tell them I don't want newsletters. Then it's fine for a while, until I buy something else. Then the newsletters start again.
The last time this happened I complained, and explained the problem. That was on the 5th September. Last week I got another newsletter, so I sent an unsubscribe message over the weekend. Today I got yet another newsletter. When I spoke to someone who manages the mailing list, she recognised my name and email address, and tried to tell me that she got the email yesterday but hadn't processed it yet.
So what happened to the other emails? And when is Warren Moss going to call to explain what is going on? He is obviously a very busy man with little or no time to speak to actual customers. He has already lost out on the sale of an iPod Shuffle, which I will be buying from the helpful folks at iPodWorld instead.
Update: Since posting this blog I have been sent yet another newsletter. That's 3 newsletters in 1 week. How can anyone be expected to put up with all this junk?
Update 2: Warren Moss finally sent me an email saying that my name has been removed from their mailing list. let's see what happens next time I buy something.
Update 3: I placed an order 76744 on Thursday, but at that stage my account still had the "send me the newsletter" option ticked. See The Newletters from Hell continue unabated

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