Saturday, September 16, 2006

Vineyard Leadership Conference

On Sunday 10th September I travelled with Alan and Carroll Foster to the Vineyard National Leadership Conference in Gariep. It was great to do sound again after a break of almost a year, and to reconnect with a whole bunch of Vineyard folks again.
Even better was meeting and working with the guys in the worship team. They were awesome! So much energy and enthusiasm; not to mention musical talent and commitment to authentic worship. They may have been the best of the best in terms of worship teams, I don't know. But irrespective of that, they were a pleasure to work with and serve.
Thanks to Jaco van Rensburg for the photo of me at the controls of the sound desk. The theme was "Mission Is Possible", and used the theme from the Mission Impossible movies to illustrate the point. Mike Pilavachi from Soul Survivor was the main guest speaker, and he made a big impact on the conference.

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