Thursday, September 28, 2006

Antec Super Cyclone Blower. If only it actually worked

I bought this fan today. It doesn't work. When is spins, it sounds like a tractor, especially the high speed setting. If I change it to any of the other settings it stops turning. What a lemon!
Another thought: it isn't a "blower", it's an extractor fan. It uses a cyclone fan to extract the air out of the computer case. So unless you want a "blower" that blows warm air into the room near your PC, it's an "extractor" not a blower. Basically, it sucks.


Anonymous said...

It works for me, brought my case temperature down 5 degrees celcius.

Donn Edwards said...

The first unit was replaced by DigitalPlanet, and the replacement unit has worked continuously since then, and there have been no overheating issues.

About a month ago it started sounding like a tractor, and I think the bearing is on its way out. When it gets really noisy I change the fan speed and the noise goes away for a week or so. I suspect it will need replacing before its first year is out.

Anonymous said...

First off, you received a broken unit. Obviously. And secondly it can be a 'blower' or an extractor...just reverse the connector...Lastly, bringing air into the case is much better than pulling it out. The outside air temperature is much lower than what's inside of the case and will cool more efficiently.