Thursday, January 25, 2007

Telkom ADSL service down for a week already - Fixed at last

Telkom's ADSL "service" stopped at home on Thursday 18th January at 6pm, when the Aasvoelkop exchange was presumably struck by lightning.
It's not the first time that exchange has lost its ability to provide a PPP connection or to authenticate users. Usually it gets fixed in a day or two, but this time it must be a bit more serious. When I call 0800-375-375 to find out the status of my reference number 237CRK180107 they tell me that there are a lot of faults in that area and it will take "a few weeks" to repair.
Perhaps they have to order the equipment, or perhaps the techies don't know what they are doing. I'm just glad my business doesn't depend on the line. Of course Telkom won't refund me the cost of the dial-up calls made to check emails, nor will they refund the lost bandwidth that I have to pay for even if I can't use it.
I can't exactly use a dial-up line to download podcasts or audio books at 33kbps, so I have to rely on office connections to get email and do web updates of software. Presumably "Jack the Cable Guy" is making house calls for more important customers.
Update Friday 26-Jan-2007 15:12:38 the connection came back. Thanks to who the folks who eventualy managed to fix it.
Bizarre update 30-Jan-2007 1pm: Telkom phoned to arrange to send a technician to my house to fix the line. Weird.

Telecommunications Action group interview of why Telkom doesn't deliver service and how many unhappy customers it has. One thing has changed in the last few years: they have signed up with the HelloPeter web site, so they now have to pay to listen to your complaint.


Anonymous said...

Ag no! Good luck with that one, Telkom is pathetic. The left hand doesn't know what the right is doing at any point in time. If you're lucky, your connection will be fixed in about 10+ days.
I'm holding thumbs for you

Anonymous said...

I am a very frustrated and unhappy customer that really do not know what to do. My hands are tied. We reported our ADSL problem more than 2 weeks ago. We do not have Internet for 2 weeks, but are still paying for it. Last weekend our telephone line went completely dead. We have checked everything but cannot find the fault. When I reported the fault at 10212, they transferred me to the ADSL line and I must hold on for 20 min everytime. I cannot do that because I have a job where I will get fired for not doing my work, unlike Telkom employees. The more I explain to them that the ADSL line cannot be fixed and that they cannot phone us, because our tel line is dead, they still transfer me everytime. I have logged 2 calls already regarding the faulty line, they said they will confirm with sms. I have not received anything. My house alarm is connected to my home phone. If anything happens while my phone is still dead, I will sue Telkom, that is a promise. I have never been so frustrated in my life! Can somebody please do something? I cannot give all the call log numbers, because you do not have enough space. I will wait another day, if I do not receive any reply or service from Telkom, I will take this much further than phonecalls and an email!

Donn Edwards said...

Phone 0800-375375 and select the option to get them to phone you back. Leave a cell number. They do eventually call back.

You can call this number any time, so phone just before you leave work, to avoid getting in trouble with your boss.

Make sure everything is disconnected from the phone line, including lighting surge protectors. I had a surge protector that made my line go dead.

If you are an M-Web subscriber, phone their help desk and ask them to test the line.

I understand your frustration, and wish you all the best in getting it fixed.