Sunday, January 14, 2007

Myna Mess in the Roof

If you ever wanted proof that Indian Myna nests are messy, this is it. The first picture shows how much mess was left after I filled the first rubbish bag with sticks, feathers, plastic and other rubbish.
Even after the second rubbish bag, there is enough for an entire nest, as show in the two pictures below.
One wonders how many flights over how many years it took to accumulate all this junk in the roof.
One thing I am sure of: they aren't going to nest there much longer. I have already blocked up one hole, and when the weather is a bit cooler I'm going back up there to clear out the rest and plug the holes.
There birds are a pest: they make a dreadful noise, and they aggressively chase the other birds away. They have been getting a bit of their own medicine just recently; we bought a catapult (slingshot) for Christmas, and have been firing marbles and white stones at them. Why white? So we can find them and pick them up off the grass, of course.
While this doesn't kill them, it keeps them away from the flat and out of the way of the swifts, swallows, weaver birds, bulbuls, mossies and other birds that come to feed in the park and downstairs. We are going to have to find someone who is a good shot to get rid of them.
One thing that upsets them quite well is to fire stones at the entrance to their nests. This "rattles their cage" and makes them more insecure, judging by the alarmed squawks they emit.


Edwill Leighton said...

I know exactly what you mean! It seems that our area is now infested with these atrocious birds...

Philna said...

You know I raised 3 indian mynors and they are the sweetest, pets anyone can have, they understand exactly what you say and respond to everything. They are very clever, you should try to raise one yourself and then you will understand them. leave them in your garden and you can study them, they will come into your house to greet you every day, but please dont put them in a cage, rather then kill them