Monday, January 29, 2007

More Privacy Scumbags Float to the Surface

Why do these marketing types think its OK to bombard me with special offers, SMS messages, calls, and so on? Don't they already understand that our society is overloaded with ads, billboards, publications, and other marketing junk? I guess not. And even if they did, would they care?
On the weekend I had the misfortune of getting an SMS from "Call Co" in Durban. The SMS number used was 083-227-2416 and when they called me the number used was 079-204-6982. Their offices are on the 10th floor of 85 on Field Street, Durban. When they called me I informed them that I do not wish to get marketing calls from them, and asked where they got my details from.
They said they got my details from "Durban Database Solutions" and gave me the contact number of a Mr Paul Sartorius 082-659-9309. They apologised. Paul has taken my name of his grubby little database, and apologised for the inconvenience. However, he got the information from either ETL Solutions in Johannesburg or TIS in Cape Town. I have had dealings with ETL Solutions before. Mr Barry Cowden or his BEE partner "Mpumelelo Patrick Snowy Mafunda" may spend a year in jail thinking about their broken database system unless they sort this out.
Their web site has a form you can fill in, but they didn't set it up correctly so it doesn't work. You have to send the information to instead. I called them on 011-467-2984 to complaint that even though my details were supposed to be removed in August lat year, I was still getting calls. They said they'd get back to me.
The matter gets worse: CallCo made calls on behalf of AutoPage. I have already told AutoPage, both on the phone any via email that I didn't want to receive any marketing calls from them, or on behalf of them. It seems that they aren't prepared to listen either. Even the AutoPage Marketing Manager had to apologise for the obvious and complete lack of thought given to this issue by the company. I hope that forcing the General Manager to send me an apology will wake them up. If not, a year behind bars will surely do the trick. Probably not.

Yet another HelloPeter complaint

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Anonymous said...

You honestly don't think it will make any difference, do you?

Wake up!! And get used to getting unsolicited marketing calls for the rest of your miserable life. DUH