Monday, January 29, 2007

1LifeDirect Tries SPAM Marketing

Spam is not a good idea for any kind of financial institution. I got an email from 1LifeDirect advertising life insurance or something. A quick visit to their web site told me that:
a) They don't comply with the Promotion of Access to Information Act
b) The and email addresses on their web site are bogus. I got a message saying that these mailboxs do not exist. I hope that the mailbox works.
My complaint to HelloPeter got some results, however. They have put my name on their "do not call" database, and the offending company,, has apologised. They obtained my name from a "competition" entered by a relative, and then didn't validate whether I wanted to "opt in" or not. They don't have a web site, but the contact email above can be used to opt out.


Anonymous said...

make up your mind! One minute you're slating HelloPeter, and the next minute you're saying it helped. Huh?

Donn Edwards said...

I never said it wasn't useful. I just said it's difficult to read because of the choice of "disabled" colours.