Tuesday, July 11, 2006

FNB Loses the Plot Again

Yesterday, Barrett Whiteford, Head of Marketing, FNB Card, sent my wife the most stupid email I have ever seen. These FNB guys have truly lost the plot. I wonder if they actually think about their emails.
In an email "newsletter" (i.e. spam) to all FNB Credit Card customers, i.e. customers who already have a credit card, they say:
Apply for an FNB C/C and get a response in 5 seconds flat!
FNB Card is proud to announce its real time, online, credit card application process. This special promotion is only on until the end of July and will allow you to know within seconds whether you qualify for a credit card ...
The title of the email reads: "Test the world's fastest credit card application", so its obviously really important that everyone who already has an FNB credit card should now rush out and spend 5 seconds applying for another one. The mind boggles.
Maybe if they gave it 5 seconds of thought they's realise they are talking to the wrong people. These are the same people who ask you to send them your credit card account number via email, so I guess not.

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Anonymous said...

Funny, I didn't get that one about 5 min application but, I got one about "the world of whisky", a few minutes ago. I thought it was phishing and I nuked it. You mean to tell me this guy is for real? I set up a filter to blow out of the bandwidth anything I receive containing the name Barrett Whiteford.

G. C. C.