Sunday, July 09, 2006

Hogarth sues Jacob Zuma for R7.2bn

Dear Sir,
Your letter suing editors, journalists and cartoonists et al for millions of rands refers.
Our clients’ instructions are as follows:
1.That in no correspondence did you mention mutatis mutandis Hogarth or any item occurring in said column.
2.That you wilfully, deliberately and in the face of blinding prima facie evidence, failed to cite Hogarth as a defendant in any such papers.
3.That your client was fully aware that Hogarth had written items which ridiculed and sought to cause hilarity with your client being the grande fontana centrala of such mirth.
4.Have ipso facto damaged Hogarth’s reputation as a source of laughter, suppressed laughter and related expression with reference to yourself.
THEREFORE DEMANDS: That your client deposit multum espresso the amount of R7.2-billion in Hogarth’s bank account by noon tomorrow, failing which you will be subjected to further absurd letters of this nature.
Yours etc,
Jabberwocky, Mabuza, Van Zyl and Potemkin

Hogarth and Zapiro: what an unbeatable combination! I wish them well in their battle against the forces of stupidity and arrogance.

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