Friday, July 28, 2006

PerfectDisk to the Rescue

Readers of previous posts will recall that I unceremoniously uninstalled Diskeeper because it simply refused to defragment a large SQL Server data file, even though there was enough space available to do so.
I discovered PerfectDisk, and downloaded their 30 day trial version. It did the job so well I have since bought the product, along with its companion product, DiskState, which has helped me idetify and remove duplicate files.
Fortunately I took some screen shots, which show just what a mess my hard drive was in after 18 months of using Diskeeper. Now my hard drive is properly organised, and the defragmentation levels are really low all the time. My gut feel is that once the bugs have been ironed out of Buzzsaw as well, I'm going to be running the most unfragmented laptop on the planet!
One final thought: The venerable Norton Speed Disk is part of Norton SystemWorks Basic Edition, and at $39.99 costs the same as PerfectDisk. But if you think I'm going to install 170MB of bloatware on my machine you can think again. It doesn't even do a good job any more, and most of the other bundled utilities are equally useless. PerfectDisk uses one tenth of the disk space, and does an excellent job. It is money extremely well spent.

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