Friday, June 18, 2010

Font Upgrade to this Blog

I'm a self-confessed font junkie. If my wife wants to buy me a book, she can always buy me another font book. Now I'm trying another experiment with fonts, courtesy of Typekit. I signed up for a free account and selected two fonts: Droid Sans and Droid Serif.
I've written about the Droid fonts before, but unless you installed them to your PC, you won't have seen them yet. Now Typekit will enable your browser to see the fonts without any installation stuff. The fonts are provided by the Typekit web servers, and if your browser supports it, you'll see the fonts correctly.
At a later stage I may upgrade my free account to a paid one, in order to add more fonts or more web sites. For now, I'm a happy font junkie. Click on the Typekit icon on the bottom right corner of your browser to find out more about the fonts, etc.
Update 20 July: I took advantage of a special offer to upgrade my account to "Personal". Now I can include the web site in the same account, and have 5 fonts per site, if I really want to.

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