Thursday, June 24, 2010

Testing the new Defrag Review site

I have got my trusty FRAGG computer back, and have spent some time during this week setting up and tweaking my new web site: I chose the name because I want my defrag reviews to be based on facts and benchmarks as well as user opinions. I chose "fact" because it is the opposite of "hype".
I am asking regular readers of this blog to take the time to check out the site, and leave comments (either at this blog article or using the Disqus facility on the site). Please bear in mind that the content is very sparse, and there are a lot of links that don't work because the pages haven't been created yet. If you don't like incomplete sites, stay away!
I have managed to get the left column of the menu to work, so it isn't a complete disaster. Over the next few days I am hoping to add some real reviews and benchmarks. I welcome all comments, questions and suggestions.
Update 26 June: A big thank you to readers from 24 countries who have visited the site to see what is happening. I have received some positive feedback, and will continue to work on the site to make it useful.
Update 27 June: I have added two new articles: "Why Defragmentation is Needed", and "Linux Defragmentation Issues". The Linux one will be quite interesting to Windows users too.


Y said...

Nice, bloody gorgeous simple, utilitarian HTML design.Nice way of integrating advertisements as well, they really fit into the design!

I still get a lot of server errors, likely because pages are missing, but I can't wait for content to be updated! Make sure you notify people on the blog, too!

Donn Edwards said...

Too many links, too little time. Thanks for the comments. If Google is doing its job correctly then the ads should be relevant to the text. I hope it isn't too intrusive.

DooGie said...

It looks very promising Donn and probably a good move to make it a seperate project to this site.

Looking forward to its growth :)