Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Great Defrag Shootout XII: Power Defragmenter GUI 2.0.125

Power Defragmenter GUI is a freeware utility that works with SysInternals Contig, a freeware utility, and defrag.exe, the command line part of Windows Disk Defragmenter. If you don't like or don't use batch files, this utility is for you.
It works like a wizard, giving you choices of what to defrag and how you'd like it done.
File selection is a bit clunky, but not unfriendly. Unfortunately it doesn't remember what you selected last time. Finally, when you click "Defragment", the program opens a command window and executes your requests.
It's ironic that there is no setup utility for this program, since it is actually a setup utility itself. It was written using Setup Factory 6.0. To install it you download the ZIP file and extract it to a folder. Then you add the Contig software, or click "Yes" to download it. Make a shortcut to the .exe file, and you're in business.
I have used Contig extensively, since it is simply the fastest way of defragmenting a single file or directory. This utility provides a GUI front-end to the program, which is nice. The other feature I liked is the "PowerMode Disk Defragmentation" which first uses contig to defragment all the files, and then defrag.exe to tidy up the drive. It's a nice idea, but not as powerful as JkDefrag.

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