Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Cost of Reinstalling Windows: Part II

Another day, another reinstall. DBAN on 61%, so I stopped it and rebooted, in order to use the Acer System Recovery disks.
8:05am: coffee and Acer disks. Stepped through entire process. Quite cool
9:15am: First Windows boot.
9:30am: While checking on bundled applications, noticed entire drive was partitioned as single drive (C:). Damn! Reboot, run Fdisk to create C: and D:
9:45am: Begin with system recovery disk 1. Made a note on the CD to run FDISK first.
10:30am: Bingo! First Windows boot. Go through Windows setup finalization.
10:50am: Uninstall Symantec bloatware.
11:00am: Convert drive to NTFS using convert c: /fs:ntfs command.
11:11am: Run Windows Update, select Microsoft Update.
11:45am: Reboot without downloading, in order to install Acrobat 7.08 update, NOD32.
12:10pm: NOD32 installed, Acrobat update installed.
12:11pm: Installed CCleaner, removed Symantec Shared files, Movie Maker, and Windows Messenger files. Cleaned up and ran Rootkit Revealer (without network cable plugged in). Nothing unusual to report.
12:57pm: return to Microsoft Update, selected just Internet Explorer 7 download. Hopefully this will save on some updates.
1:13pm: Windows Validation successful. Ignored other critical updates.
1:33pm: Begin downloading 75 critical Windows updates. I guess IE7 doesn't reduce the critical updates that much after all.
2:12pm: Windows Genuine Advantage notification installed.
2:45pm: Reboot after installing all 75 critical updates. So far total downloads come to 185.44MB. Began downloading NTI CD patches, Google Pack: Skype, Real Player, Google screensaver, Google Desktop.
4:01pm: Begin Sun Java 6.1 Runtime install, and FireFox 2 with Google Toolbar download.
5:20pm: Begin defrag using JkDefrag. Total downloads so far are 326MB.
5:44pm: Start installing Microsoft OfficeXP.
6:30pm: OfficeXP installed, and first round of service packs. Install media CD while additional service packs are downloading.
8:25pm: OfficeXP SP3 installed, now begin downloading another 20 critical updates. Download total now 577.5MB
9:15pm: Install SQL Server 2000 from OfficeXP Developer CDs.
10:05pm: Install Visual Basic 6 Professional and Service Pack 6
11:00pm: Start Office97 and ODE Tools Install
midnight: Total downloads: 592.75MB, 17.5MB upload.

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