Friday, May 04, 2007

The Great Defrag Shootout V: Auslogics Registry Defrag 4.0

While I was investigating the Auslogics Disk Defrag program I stumbled apon a companion freeware product: Auslogics Registry Defrag, currently version 4. It has turned out to be quite useful, and allowed me to uninstall Uniblue Registry Booster once and for all.
It's a picky program, insisting that you stop running everything else, and providing a greyed-out background to your entire screen once it starts. You are forced to reboot when done, although you can cancel the process. I didn't mind these demands because it seems to get the job done. I ignored the request to exit NOD32, my antivirus program, since it doesn't make changes to the registry anyway.
I may have removed the companion Disk Defrag program, but the Registry Defrag program stays put. Now I begin testing mst Defrag Home Edition 1.9 and their 2.0 beta. Stay tuned!
Update: This Registry Defrag program is a beta product, and occupies 4.97MB of hard drive space. I have found another one called NTREGOPT that uses a fraction of the space. Together with PageDefrag v.32 from Sysinternals, I can keep my registry in tip-top shape with tried and tested software.

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