Tuesday, February 27, 2007

What the Windows Vista WOW stands for

After battling to get Penny's new HP dv6204eu laptop with Windows Vista to work, I've concluded that the "WOW" stands for "Will Office Work?"
Using Office 2000 has turned out to be a disaster. The Office Assistant hangs, and you only get the default "Clippy" assistant. If you try to choose a different one, you get an "out of memory error". And every time I open Outlook 2000, it thinks it has been installed for the first time (?!) as shown in the screen shots below:
Then there is the problem about making the recovery disk, because HP are too stingy to provide the DVD media. The utility to create the media only runs once, and it crashed, so now we have to order the DVD from HP and it involves a whole load of paperwork. I took this screen shot while it was working. It got to 80% and then crashed. Since its only designed to run ONCE, this wasn't particularly helpful.

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