Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Telkom ADSL service down for 14 days this year and counting

Telkom is unbelievable, and my patience has completely run out. I can't get any work done at home, and my wife can't prepare teaching lessons or find material on-line because the ADSL line is constantly down. Jack the cable guy is obviously out to lunch.
It doesn't even help to phone Telkom or complain, because they just move at the same glacial pace as before, even when you provide them with the relevant reference numbers. Even M-Web has had enough. They sent out a general apology earlier this year. Click on the image for more details.

Then there is my posting on the MyADSL forums, which seems to have hit a chord with other frustrated customers.

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Anonymous said...

Just another meaningless complaint from a spoilt white racist. Get a grip