Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Jack the Cable Guy needs a hearing aid

Day 15 without ADSL and I get a call from a Telkom technician at the exchange. Eureka!
My enthusiasm was short lived, however, because he had no idea what was going on. The job card 378ARK310107 either didn't say what the problem was, or he didn't read it. My gut feel tells me that the information on the job card is usually so garbled or just plain wrong that there is no reason why he should read it.
So why should "Jack the Cable Guy", Telkom's cute little mascot, get a hearing aid? Because the call centre is trained to be deaf. All they want to know is where the fault is, and log it. So far this current fault has had the line tested about 5 times by different people. And the first thing the technician did was try to test the line.
They don't listen when you tell them that the analog part of the line is working. They don't know about the previous reference numbers: 237CRK180107, 215ARK211206, 36ARK170506, 6ARK170206. And when a reference number is finally closed, there is no information about the nature of the fault or how it was fixed.
This would be fine if they had one or two faults to deal with, but at the moment the backlog is "three weeks", and they are logging over 200 new faults per day, judging by the reference numbering.
Update 7-Feb-2007 6pm: The technician confirmed to me that his job card shows no information whatsoever about the fault. So all the information supplied to the call centre was a complete waste of time. Either the call centre is deaf, or the job card system is deaf.

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