Friday, December 01, 2006

Sanlam needs a dose of Reality BEFORE they give out my personal contact details

I have a retirement annuity with Sanlam, and the broker who deals with me, Phil Ryan, is a good financial advisor who has served me many years and has always given me good advice and no hard sell.
Sanlam, on the other hand, has seen fit to give out my contact details to various shady organisations and marketing companies over the years, and in each case I have told them not to do so. The latest offender is "Reality", some kind of points incentive scheme. I first heard about them by getting a marketing postcard in the mail. That was on Monday. I immediately sent an email to as well as to Sanlam, requsting my details be removed. Sanlam replied with a reference number 1-1BKJG9 and confirmed the same day that their marketing department had been informed. I wonder if they were "thinking ahead" when they gave out my details? I doubt it.
Obviously the Reality marketing machine was already in full gear and they couldn't process the "unsubscribe" requests fast enough, so today I got an email from them. I called their call centre and pointed out that I have already informed them not to send me any stuff, and the Call Centre team leader promised to get the marketing manager to call. I wonder whether this person will have the courage to face an angry customer or not.
When I emailed a copy of this blog to them, as well and my second "unsubscribe" request, I got a reference number from "Reality": Reference #4010 and #4802. Those unsubscribe requests must be pouring in.

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Anonymous said...

Nice one!! I saw your post on Thanx.. i was thinking about getting some life insurance policy with Sanlam, but thanx to your blog I'll take my business elsewhere!! THANKS