Monday, December 05, 2005

Credence: Thwarting P2P Pollution

"Much of the content in peer-to-peer filesharing networks is corrupt, damaged, or mislabeled. Such polluted content makes it difficult for correctly functioning peers to locate desired content, decreasing the overall usefulness of the network.
"Credence is a distributed object reputation management scheme that counteracts content pollution in peer-to-peer filesharing systems. Our system relies on honest peers judging the authenticity of online content, and allows clients to securely tabulate and manage object endorsements across the network. We employ a novel voter correlation scheme to weight the opinions of peers, which provides an incentive for peers to vote honestly and mitigates the impact of dishonest peers.
"Credence has been implemented on top of the LimeWire client for the Gnutella network. Our client provides a peer-based judgement that a given object will possess the properties with which it is labeled and enables users to evaluate search results for authenticity before downloading.
"Many peer-to-peer reputation schemes have been proposed in academia. Credence is the first practical implementation of a peer-to-peer reputation scheme. As future systems become more connected and endpoints become more reliant on content provided by other nodes, reputation systems like Credence can play an important role in assessing the validity of remote content.
"As of September 20, 2005, Credence has been downloaded more than 10,000 times. We are examining the emerging properties of the Credence network."

Original story at Credence: Thwarting P2P Pollution from Cornell University. At present it only works with LimwWire 4.8.1. Hopefully it can be included in the FrostWire project.

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Anonymous said...

Pity it only works with LimeWire 4.8.1 and not 4.9 or PRO.