Saturday, December 03, 2005

Sony Caught Using ‘Fake’ Graffiti to Promote PSP

“Not content with simply knowingly infecting its customers’ computers with security-hole inducing spyware, Sony is now sponsoring a ‘guerrilla’ graffiti ad campaign to promote the PSP, covering inner city neighbourhoods with images of kids playing with its overpriced, crippled handheld.
  “Reports on the interwebs indicate that Sony or its ad agency has paid graffiti artists to spray paint images of little kids playing with PSPs in at least five U.S. cities: Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.
  “Thankfully here in San Francisco’s Mission neighbourhood, someone decided to talk back to a mega-corporation arrogant enough to piss on my neighbourhood’s walls in order to move units.
  “And whoever the commenter was, he or she was right. Not another dime.”

I couldn't agree more: this week I bought a new 74cm flat screen TV. I deliberately avoided all the Sony ones because of their rootkit arrogance. And I look carefully to see whether the movies I watch or the music I buy is published by them too.

See pictures at Secondary Screening: Sony's Fony Graffiti | digg story

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