Saturday, December 10, 2005

Study: Most PC Users Are Idiots

"It's painful, but it's true: According to a survey by America Online and the National Cyber Security Alliance, over 81 percent of all PCs lack basic security features like a firewall or updated antivirus software, making most of these machines easy targets for online criminals, hackers, and other malicious users.

"Using a Windows PC without basic security protection is like speeding in an open convertible on a slippery road with no seat belt on, from what I can tell, leading me to think that most people who get hacked these days are pretty much asking for it. Seriously, guys, how many times do you have to get bitten before you start protecting yourself?"

From Paul Thurrot's WinInfo Short Takes: Week of December 12 | AOL Press Release


Anonymous said...

Intel inside, Idiot outside :-) Stan

Anonymous said...

But atleast you can reinstall windows =\