Saturday, December 03, 2005

Abort, Retry, Fail

I have to admit the guy has a nerve. He claims to have infected my PC with viruses, and suggested I run a McAfee scan. So here is the scan result: 12 detected files.

(Click on the images for more detail)

Why am I not worried? Well, for starters, McAfee reports the application DCOMbobulator, along with the Remote Administrator program from Famatech, and the eMusic toolbar. If you read the detailed notes more carefully, they mention that none of these files is a virus, but a potential security risk. Funny they don't detect LimeWire as a security risk. Ed obviously knows better. Here is what he claims:

(Click on the image for more detail)

I'm not convinced. I tried really hard to find the files shown here, without success. They certainly aren't on my PC. And the claimed "infections" didn't show up, either with my anti-virus program, or with Ed's faithful McAfee. And Rootkit Revealer 1.56 doesn't report anything either.

Ed insists that isn't my PC's IP address, and refers to it by the IP number (also known as Actually, that number is part of a pool of addresses used by my ISP, and gets changed every 24 hours or so. The dynamic address from Isogo keeps track of which number in the pool is for my internet connection.

The screen shot he sent reveals a few unintended things too: Ed claims to use only the very latest free version of LimeWire. Why then does the screen shot display an out of date version of LimeWire PRO? It even warns him that it's out of date, right on the screen! DUH. LimeWire PRO isn't the free version, but the paid version.

Try again Ed. I'm waiting for you to hack my machine. And spoofing my IP address doesn't fool me, even if it fools your clients. I know what the "disconnected" icon means. ;-)

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Anonymous said...

The sad thing is that this guy can't seem to string a sentence together without making it incomprehensible. And his technical knowledge is a bit shabby too.