Friday, December 09, 2005

World Without Waste: San Francisco

BBC One Planet presents a major four-part series exploring a world without waste. We visit four countries working hard to achieve the much-heralded goal of 'zero waste'.
Achieving 'zero waste', or coming even close to it, is an ambitious concept that attempts to reduce garbage and increase recycling rates whilst at the same time, encourage societies to adopt more ecologically sustainable practices which produce less waste to begin with.

Part 1: United States of America
World Without Waste begins in the US. We travel to San Francisco, the 2005 host for World Environment day and the city furthest along the path to zero waste.
Here, recycling is big business and involves a collaboration between citizens, politicians and local businesses, with some companies managing to reduce waste by 95 %.
In San Francisco, everything is considered a resource - from paper to plastic, from cement to food scraps and the City's ecological reputation is driven by its passionate citizens.

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