Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yet Another File Explorer Bug

Why do we put up with crappy software like Windows Vista? My guess is that this bug will carry over into Windows 7 too. It certainly didn't exist in Windows XP, because I originally wrote the batch file on an XP machine.
The faulty screen above was created using the batch file command
start x:\dev\clinic
which is supposed to open and display the contents of a folder. In this case one on the X: drive, which is a Truecrypt volume. Notice how the Path section at the top incorrectly shows "Computer", and the "Folders" view incorrectly shows drive "C:"

Now look at the screen below, where the path and folder information is correct. This was created using the command
start explorer.exe x:\dev\clinic
Notice how both views show a music-related view, even though the Vista default view is set to "All Items" and I regularly have to re-customize the folder back to "All Items".
I wonder if reporting this bug will get as much response as reporting the previous one, which was almost zero.
Update 3pm: This Bug issue has been escalated to [Microsoft SA's] Response Management Team and captured as a Feedback. Reference 2009042900700


Anonymous said...

I still can't believe how bad the file manager is in windows. Shouldnt this be the most important part of the OS?

Try to delete/copy/move a bunch of files. For some reason, that can be really quick or it can take forever, RANDOMLY. I have to install TeraCopy to make this trivial thing work!

Rick said...

TeraCopy! I wasn't familiar with this little utility and found it to be quite impressive. It actually seems to work even better in Vista than in XP, Many thanks to the person who posted this comment!