Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Election Poster Darwin Awards

In the last election the DA won the Darwin Award for their poster with a picture of Tony Leon and a slogan that said "South Africa Deserves Better". Clearly the voters agreed that we could do better than Tony Leon, because most voted for other parties.
This time we have a neck-and-neck race between the DA's "Vote to Win" slogan, since it begs the questions "Win What?" and "Who Wins? The DA or the Voter?". The other contender is the ANC's dubious slogan of "Working together we can do more" since it leaves a perfect space for graffiti artists to stencil in the word "crime" or "damage" or whatever.
Do these people have no brains? Are they such ballot sluts that they can't check their own posters before they print a zillion of them to pollute our cities?

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onelargeprawn said...

I designed an election poster for my blog - http://www.onelargeprawn.co.za/2009/04/07/what-if-bloggers-designed-election-posters/