Monday, April 20, 2009

ANC Spokesperson Jessie Duarte is an expert on dark classes

"The African National Congress has noted the desperate attempts by mischievous forces of darkness bent on misleading South African voters by distributing and mounting fake posters purported to be those of the ANC," said spokesperson Jessie Duarte.
Now she has gone one step better, in an interview with a local journalist: "You people must get a life. You’re terribly classist and if you’re not black I would say you were racist. But, well I suppose you could be racist even if you were a black like me." (see photo above)
"Look, you guys, there is no soap that will wash a Times journalist in my eyes. It’s not unfortunate, it’s reality. I think that if you are a South African who wants to see transformation then you’ve got to join in the fight for it, not become part of the third force."

I hate to burst your bubble Ms Duarte, but you are really giving South Africa a bad name, especially after these comments and your disasterous interview on the BBC. Instead of attacking the media with self-righteous platitudes, how about answering some honest questions. Why are there so many Zimbabweans desperate for food and work in South Africa? Because your party allowed Robert Mugabe to destroy the Zim economy while your party applauded and defended him.
Instead of making quips about the British looking in dustbins, why not own up the thousands of homeless South Africans who scour the dustbins and rubbish dumps looking for food, and anything they can sell to eke out an existence way below the poverty line. These people probably can't vote because they have no documents and no place to call home, so your party ignores them.
And before you get too self-important, just remember you are a politician, which means you are at the bottom of the food scale, way below journalists and lawyers; somewhere on a par with criminals, thieves and rapists (and I'm not referring to your party leader either). Spokespersons like you and Carl Niehaus have no credibility whatsoever: we expect you to lie and spin and deny and we really find it tedious and insulting.

Journalists would do the public a great favour by not quoting you at all. So either shut up or get your facts straight. And how about that URL for Zuma's blog? There isn't one. You got mixed up with his email address. DUH! But then competence was never a requirement for an ANC position. Just ask Manto or Alec Erwin.


Anonymous said...

3 million houses may sound like a lot, but the racist Apartheid regime built considerably more.

One wonders whether the arms deal money would have provided a few more houses, instead of a submarine in permanent dry dock.

Anonymous said...

Is she arrogant or just stupid?

On second thoughts, does it matter?

Anonymous said...

This is a great post, i like the cartoon especially.