Sunday, July 06, 2008

Defrag Democracy and other Developments

In an effort to find out which defrag programs are the most popular, the web site has started a defrag utility poll. Many of the well known defrag products are listed, but not all. At the last view, it turns out that over a third of the respondents use the built-in Windows Disk Defragmenter in reponse to the question "what program do you use to defragment your PC?".
I am still testing the new Ultimate Defrag 2008, and am pleased to report that the older version of Ultimate Defrag 1.72 is now available as freeware.
Another development is the imminent arrival of Puran Defrag 5.0, which is looking awesome, with a cool new interface and some pretty nifty features, especially in the boot time defrag category. I expect to report more on this product soon.
Update: the product has now been released.


Anonymous said...


May I ask where you got your information about Puran Defrag 5.0. I'd be really happy to have a look at the new version, evven beta.

Anonymous said...

Golden Bow just came out with Vopt 9. I haven't checked it out yet, but it looks pretty cool judging from the screen shot on Hopefully they will have some good stuff "under the hood".

Donn Edwards said...

Write to Vishal at Puran Software You'll find his email address on their contacts page. I'm sure it won't be long before the new version is released.

Anonymous said...

Hi Donn,

I followed your advice and I did get a demo version of their beta 5.0, quite improved as you said. It seems that the upgrade will be free, but I'd like Puran Software to confirm that !

Donn Edwards said...

I have asked them, and Vishal confirmed that it is a free upgrade to all existing customers. They should just send their new Product ID (and identifying details) and they will receive a new Registration Key at no charge.

Anonymous said...


It would be really useful to get an overall rating of the most effective and reliable defragger.

I have spent quite a bit of time reading your shoot out pages and am no closer to knowing what to buy.

I have Norton Speed disk and that is leaving my disk very fragmented according to it's own graphical display.

How about a score out of 10 or something else which tells me which YOU think is the one to go for? :)

Thanks for all the effort to put this lot together.

Warm regards


Donn Edwards said...

See The Downloads page and the Winners page.

Anonymous said...

The new version of PuranDefrag 5.0 has just arrived !

GaryRW said...

mst Defrag v3.0 is now out. Please add this to your testing. I'm interested if it has improved performance from your v2.0 testing and whether the continuous defrag has been tuned to minimize performance hit. Conceptually, continuous defrag makes sense to minimize head movements by interspersing r/w among normal use rather than a separate dedicated run. Seems like an extension of the concept of delayed writing and/or stairsteping which reduces wear and tear.