Sunday, July 27, 2008

PerfectDisk 2008 Build 61

Another update for PerfectDisk 2008 arrived on my laptop today. It installed a series of bug fixes. The "What's New" file lists the fixes as follows:
  1. PerfectDisk works incorrectly if per-user quotas are being used.
  2. Active Directory tree does not display child domains.
  3. Active Directory tree does not display containers that have a slash character in their names.
  4. If PD91Agent is set to manual, PerfectDisk fails to start on some machines.
  5. PD Exchange still tries to compact after unmounting store error.
  6. PD Exchange - Stop button is disabled during compaction of datastore.
  7. PD Exchange - Compaction fails if mapped network drive used. Need to verify that UNC path is used.
  8. PD Exchange - GUI does not display log entries.
  9. "Maximum Duration hours" setting ignored.
  10. "Do not start a defragmentation pass while on battery power" option does not work.
  11. Time lag between the start time of a scheduled task and the actual start.
  12. Offline schedule created without "Override drive Properties Settings" doesn't use drive property setting.
  13. Problems with AutoUpdate in Windows 2000 environment.
  14. Upgrade from PerfectDisk v8 to PerfectDisk 2008 migrates the date and time of last defragmentation.
  15. Upgrade from PerfectDisk v8 to PerfectDisk 2008 migrates empty offline defragmentation drive settings.
  16. VMware guests with linked clones or snapshots are not supposed to be defragmented.
  17. Invalid file error on attempt to add a virtual machine.
  18. Defragmentation of a virtual machine fails with unspecified error when it has an additional disk setup.
  19. Machine goes into sleep mode during the defragmentation of a virtual machine.
  20. After Analyze, Summary and Most Fragmented Files Disagree.
  21. On Windows Vista, PerfectDisk periodically changes status causing Task Bar tray icon to "light up".
  22. Statistics Incorrect/Inconsistent for Number Of Fragmented Files & Size.
  23. Drive properties notebook opens minimized on certian screen resolutions.
  24. Initial column width does not accommodate text.
No new features are included.

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