Saturday, July 19, 2008

What comes after a trillion?

In Zimbabwe they call them the "walking clubs", and Grace Sibanda is an involuntary member. Each working day, the 36-year-old shop assistant rises before dawn in Dzivaresekwa township to the west of Harare, slips out of her tiny home without waking the three children who share her bed, and makes her way to the clusters of people gathered at the roadside. When there are enough of them -- a few dozen usually -- they set off on the three-hour walk to work in the city centre. more ...

Zim introduces a Z$100 billion bank note ...

Reported 15 April 2008: Pensioners

Reported in December 2007: New bank notes

Reported 28 June 2007: Economic instability

And now for some comic relief, courtesy of Air Zimbabwe:

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