Friday, September 07, 2007

"Mr Hard Drive" uses PerfectDisk

Steve Gibson, the man who wrote Spinrite and regarded by many as "Mr Hard Drive" recently disclosed in the Security Now podcast #108 that he has purchased PerfectDisk and is quite impressed with it.
I mention this because it was Steve's comments about Vopt that got me started on the Great Defrag Shootout.
... it wasn’t a free one I mentioned, it was a good one that I mentioned. And actually I now have two favorites. I think I referred to Vopt. Vopt is very nice. It’s at Version 8 now. However, I’ve started using one called PerfectDisk. And I bought it because I was very impressed with it. It will do something that Vopt won’t, which is it will defrag the so-called metadata. What I was talking about just a minute ago when I was talking about the bitmaps and the directories and things, nothing is able to move those because those are locked by the system while the volume is in use. PerfectDisk is able to do a preboot defrag of those and, for example, to defrag your swap file, which is another area that cannot be moved around while you’re running the swap file, running on the drive with the swap file. So I like PerfectDisk, and I like Vopt.
Update: You can find the Winners of "The Great Defrag Shootout" here, and all the programs reviewed here.
Clarification: In Security Now! Podcast no 109, Steve claimed that I use both PerfectDisk and Vopt. This isn't correct any more: I use PerfectDisk when my laptop is in desperate need of a complete reorganisation, and I use JkDefrag, mostly in screen saver mode, for keeping things neat and tidy. The only time I do a major defrag is when I have to update the data on SQL Server, which is a messy business at the best of times. Then I use Contig as well, to save time.
Update: If you buy any PerfectDisk product from their download store, use the following coupon code:
It's good for a 20% discount before 31 October 2007 on combo packs, power packs or individual copies of PerfectDisk 8. (The kind folks at Raxco sent this to me, and I get no financial benefit.) If you're planning on buying the server product, visit the PerfectDisk Blog first, because there is an incredible promo offer available there. Just read the blog entries and you'll save yourself a fortune.

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