Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Great Defrag Shootout XXVI: Multiple Applicator 6.8

Multiple Applicator 6.8 from Vasilios Freeware is a GUI interface for several command-line utilities, including Contig, the extremely useful defrag utility from SysInternals. Another utility that does this is Power Defragmenter GUI, reviewed in Part XII.
Multiple Applicator contains some curious utilities, but I will focus purely on the Defrag part. You have to select a directory to be defragmented by clicking on the "Select a Folder" button. If you select a directory/folder that contains subdirectories, such as "C:\", then all the subdirectories will be processed as well. Once the processing is completed a sound effect tells you it is done.
There is no record or previous folders selected, and you can't type in a folder either. This is a shortcoming of the program. You can't pass the application any parameters, so you can't use it for scheduled defrags either. Another shortcoming is that it relies completely on the capabilities of Contig itself, which cannot defrag the MFT or other system files.
This utility may be of use if the other functions are of interest, but the 2.8MB download is a bit much just to operate a 55KB utiltity. It may be simpler to follow the instructions in "Make Contig Easier to Use" instead. I plan to uninstall this utility because I prefer using Contig as described in the other article, but you may wish to try it anyway.

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