Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fat Cats Gobble Up R 1.28 BILLION

South African taxpayers paid for restaurant meals and travel extravaganzas by government departments to the tune of R 1.28 billion in the last tax year. Now you know why things are in the state they are in: the fat cats in government are spending all their energy getting fatter. Take this article in The Times just recently. I understand that members of government departments need to visit regional offices and see things for themselves, but how do they justify so much money spent at restaurants?
They can't, and they won't. They know full well that they are too busy driving their fancy cars and eating at fancy restaurants to worry about the people who elected them. People are starving, dying of AIDS, suffering from the health effects of poor service delivery, and being killed off by crime; while our ruling class frets about Woolworths food and booze in their private hospital wards. It's criminal, and they don't care.

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Andrew said...

Hi Donn
This music I found recently expresses my anger at the situation.
I see firsthand the state of our public hospitals. They are currently in a worse state than that, of many hospitals in Mozambique. It is a total disgrace when one considers the wealth this country has. What I really don't understand is that the ruling ANC government's support base is largely in the Eastern Cape and yet their hospitals are some of the worst in the country? Does this mean they don't give a damn about their own people? Worse than that the current 2010 bid has a condition for PE, that their must be a world standard Public Hospital (Not private)in place by 2009. For that to happen in time, tenders for equipment and buildings need to be released now. So far nothing. At the moment the tenders being issued are asking for 20 year old technology proving again that the people working in the health department are incompetent and in my opinion incapable of preparing this PE hospital in time. Unless some drastic changes happen very soon, there will be no soccer in PE even if the stadium is built. I hate to think what is happening in this regard else where in the country.