Friday, November 16, 2007

Spammer Wins Darwin Award

This has to be the dumbest spammer on the planet. Granted, he did manage to get through two anti-spam systems to my inbox, but that's where the cleverness ends. First of all, the "From" part is described as "VIAGRA ® Official Site" which is a dead giveaway. Does he think I really believe that Pfizer needs to do direct marketing? To add insult to injury the "From" address is my own address, making it pretty easy to set up an email rule to send all mail from me back to me into the "Deleted Items" folder. DUH!
But the clincher is the subject. A few months ago when the messages started, the discount was in the 50% range, and then increased to 60% and so on. Now the "discount" is going up by a few % a day. At this rate they'll be paying me to buy the stuff in early January. What kind of an idiot gives this kind of discount in the first place, and how long does he want me to hold out for a better discount?
I guess this is a severe case of "It is morally wrong to allow a sucker to keep his money", but with a twist. The sad thing is that someone, somewhere, is going to buy from this site, and wonder why the pills never arrive. Anyone want to help transfer money from Nigeria in order to buy the Brooklyn Bridge?

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