Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Credit Bureaus are Weird

Credit Bureaus like to keep tabs on everyone's spending habits, but because they operated in secrecy until recently their data can be extremely dodgy. Take TransUnion ITC for example. I bought a copy of my credit report today, only to discover that
  • My middle had changed;
  • I have lived in Swaziland (really?);
  • Alternatively, I have lived in an office block in Parkmore;
  • They had no idea that I've had an MTN cell phone number for the last few years.
Weird. But then as a database programmer I know that data is only as good as the morons who type it in, and the accounts departments of various department stores aren't exactly MBA material. Sigh.
Fortunately there is a method of correcting this nightmare, but I wonder why they don't just lock down certain fields so they don't end up confusing me with someone else. Now I just have to figure out what all those "=" and "0" symbols mean next to the accounts that they monitor.

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Anonymous said...

This is just another example of a good IDEA that does NOT work in practice. Many people's lives are ruined by mistakes which are not rectified. Most people do not have the knowledge or means to access the (incorrect) records or to have it rectified. And trying to get your annual free copy of the record, is a waste of time. They come up with all sorts of stupid replies to prevent you getting it.