Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sunday Times has a bad hair day

The Sunday Times lead story has an interesting twist: "The SA government has launched an aggressive campaign to change the world's perception that the country is losing the war against crime."
Does that mean that we are losing the war against crime and they need to spread the message, or that they are trying to change the perception that we are? I guess the Sunday Times news desk was too busy rushing to replace their original lead story about Ian and Claire Difford, which is still available on their web site even though they had a court interdict to stop publication.
If the minister spent more time doing visible things against crime in this country rather than jet-setting around the world, perhaps everyone, not just overseas investors, would benefit from out new-found commitment to tackling crime. But given the way they are going about it, it just reinforces the notion that the ministers are more interested in jet flights out of SA to avoid being mugged than actually doing anything "on the ground" in SA.
The Sunday Times is also having other difficulties. Their article on blogging must be the worst-researched article of its kind, not to mention the technical snafus with some of the pictures. They fail to mention any local blog search engines, and then "your top blogs" is a list of 3 blogs, one of which is written by a South African living overseas. Where do they get this stuff?

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Anonymous said...

That blogging-article is exactly the reason why traditional media are having such a bad time, these days: no tech-knowledge, biased and defensive.

From her bio: "Nikki Temkin and Nadine Rubin are both Jo’burg natives with enormous experience and lots of street credibility in the magazine and fashion industries."

That says it all - just free-lancing as a tech-writer.

And from the cynical remarks, one can think two things:
1) her own blog is a massive failure (not having the skills to write a good blog)
2) starting her own blog soon, to show the world how to do it properly - proclaiming to be 'hip' and trendsetting in her circle of Paris Hilton devotees.

So, who needs a newspaper like that if you have internet?