Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Bumpy start for new eNATIS licensing system

"The new system was officially unveiled on 17 April and was meant to allow for electronic traffic-related transactions which could be done through ATMs and the Internet. At the time of the launch, Transport’s Ntau Letebele said through eNaTIS, the department also hoped to “validate examiners, testing centres and appointments, and prevent unscrupulous officials from abusing the system.” However, technical gremlins have dogged the launch and the system from day one…
First computers at licensing centres crashed. Then when they did come back online, listeners told ECR Newswatch that their applications were processed extremely slowly. In fact, one licensing centre in Northern KZN took three hours to renew discs for eight vehicles.
Transport officials have admitted there have been technical problems but say the situation is slowly improving. They’ve pointed out the eNaTIS system uses “state-of-the-art technology that will assist to register, store, record, manage and enforce the requirements of the National Road Traffic Act and the National Road Traffic Regulations.”
However the feedback from listeners is that there’s been no improvement in service. ECR Newswatch has learnt that currently, most licensing centres aren’t taking bookings for drivers and learners tests. That’s because computers apparently haven’t been accordingly programmed under the eNATIS system. Manual applications aren’t being taken in most regions either because of staff shortages. Sources have told ECR Newswatch that testing centre officials are reluctant to process manual applications because they’d have do repeat the process for each application once the system is online."

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